$ISLM Islamic Coin — Easy $300 Airdrop Confirmed

Arsalan Bhatti
2 min readOct 4, 2023

About Islamic Coin

Islamic Coin is a native currency of Haqq, a community-run network, dedicated to empowering an ethics-first Shariah-compliant financial ecosystem.

Islamic Coin has a finite total supply and 10% of each issuance is automatically dedicated for philanthropic purposes.

Islamic coin is designed to enable pure (halal) financial transactions which operate on a permissionless network.

Islamic Coin is one of the best funded crypto projects with a whopping $400M in funding.

The Islamic Coin token $ISLM will launch on Kucoin and other major exchanges on October 10th 2023.


You can receive up to 1000 $ISLM tokens for free just by signing up to Islamic Coin: https://haqqex.com/?referral=VM-24f65e93c696e14d

Just create an account with email and verify your email.

Refer your friends to increase your rewards. Your friends receive 3X as many $ISLM tokens (300 $ISLM) by signing up through your referral link than by signing up directly on the Islamic coin website (only 100 $ISLM).

The ICO price for $ISLM was $0.30 so this is an easy $300 ($0.30 X 1000).


In order to get even more rewards, you might want to check out Islamic Coin´s Galxe campaign: https://galxe.com/IslamicCoin/campaign/GC471Ucn8k

Note: Campaign ends on October 4th 2023



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